Delhi Travel Plan: There are historical places to visit in Delhi too, can you plan to visit these 4 places?

April 7, 2021 by No Comments

Lifestyle Desk. The capital of India, Delhi is called the city of Dilwalas. Delhi is very famous for visiting historical places. There are many places in Delhi, where people come from outside to roam. But there are some places to visit in Delhi that you might have visited. Because most of the people go to roam the place which is famous. In such a situation, you can also go to these places to hang out with friends or family.

So let’s know about some places of Delhi which are recognized for their beauty …

1. Ship Palace

The ship palace is located in Mehrauli. Here you can go and enjoy the boat. This palace is built in the shape of a ship, that is why it is called the Jaha Mahal. You will feel the same from a distance.

2. Mirza Ghalib Haveli

This is the house of Mircha Ghalib, a 19th century Urdu Kavikar. The Archaeological Survey of India maintains this heritage site.

3. Forgotten

Bhool Bhulia is the tomb of Adam Khan. Which falls near Mehrauli. This place is also known for its place of horror.

4. Bhardwaj Lake

If you have roamed everywhere in Delhi, then you can make your day memorable by going here. You do not have to go far for this. This lake is in South Delhi.


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