Death of Jean-Claude Carrière, screenwriter and writer

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The writer, director and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, who worked in particular alongside Luis Bunuel, Jacques Deray or Milos Forman, died Monday evening February 8 at the age of 89 years, announced his daughter to AFP.

The writer, who did not suffer from any particular illness, died ” in his sleep “ at his Paris home, said Kiara Carrière. ” A tribute “ He will soon be returned to Paris and he should be buried in his native village, in Colombières-sur-Orb in the Hérault.

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Defining himself as a “Storyteller”, Jean-Claude Carrière has signed around sixty scripts as well as around 80 works (stories, essays, such as his Dictionaries in love with India and Mexico, translations, fictions, scripts, interviews). He was also an actor, playwright and lyricist for Juliette Gréco, Brigitte Bardot or Jeanne Moreau.

A life placed under the sign of “meetings” and “friendships”

“I worked on all forms of writing. I think I have a good arsenal. There is something in me that is satisfied to be at the service of an author, to flow into his thought, to adapt it as best as possible. I have no ego ”, assured this distinguished and affable humanist with great work power and corrosive humor.

Strong, solid, short beard and light salt and pepper mustache, short hair, Jean-Claude Carrière has placed his life under the sign of “Meetings, friendships and masters of life”, like the Dalai Lama, with whom he wrote a book, or the Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel, with whom he worked for nineteen years, until his death.

Passionate about religions

“Radically atheist”, But “Passionate about religion and its deviations”, foreign to any fanaticism, he wrote on Buddhism and Hinduism but also on Christianity with his most famous novel, “The Valladolid controversy”, on the conquest of the New World by the Spaniards, declined in play and television adaptation. We also owe him works on Islam (through his translations of Persian poetry, with his wife, the Iranian writer Nahal Tajadod).

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Bibliophile, passionate about drawing, astrophysics, and wine, fan of Tai-Chi-Chuan (martial art), Jean-Claude Carrière chaired for ten years Fémis, the National School of Image Professions and sound. Still very active despite his age, he wrote a last essay in 2018, “The valley of nothingness”, and co-signed the script of the film in 2020 “The salt of tears” by Philippe Garrel. In 2014 he received an honorary Oscar for his work as a screenwriter.


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