“Dalva”, “Le Bleu du caftan”, “On the black paths”… The cinema releases of March 22

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Dalva ***

by Emmanuelle Nicot

Franco-Belgian film, 1 h 20

For her first feature film, Emmanuelle Nicot recounts with great delicacy the metamorphoses of a pre-adolescent girl torn from an incestuous father who had transformed her into a little woman.

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♦ The Blue of the caftan ***

by Maryam Touzani

Franco-Moroccan film, 2 h 02

Moroccan director Maryam Touzani tackles the theme of homosexuality in Morocco through a love triangle of thwarted desires, brought together around the making of a traditional caftan.

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♦ On the dark paths **

by Denis Imbert

French film, 1 h 34

A pleasant adaptation of the writer-traveler’s book, this film shares with us its author’s path to redemption through a sublimated wild France.

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great expectations **

by Sylvain Desclous

French film, 1h45

Thriller in the political world, this film focuses on the meteoric rise of a modest young woman. Can we save the world with dirty hands? asks its director.

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♦ Chile 1976**

by Manuela Martelli

Chilean film, 1 h 35

A housewife from the Chilean upper class is confronted, in spite of herself, with the violent repression of the Pinochet regime. A remarkable debut from actress Manuela Martelli.

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♦ Eternal Daughter**

by Joanna Hogg

British film, 1:36

With this film that looks like a gothic tale and its favorite actress Tilda Swinton, Joanna Hogg signs a strange and splendid story about mourning.

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