Crazy, sensitive, realistic… Cinema releases on October 6

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♦ Tralala ***

by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu

French film, 2 hours

The spirit of Jacques Demy blows on this tender and crazy musical comedy filmed in Lourdes and orchestrated by the gratin of French song.

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♦ Honey cigar **

by Kamir Aïnouz

Franco-Belgian film, 1 h 40

In 1993, a Franco-Algerian student from a wealthy background seeks her way between the contradictory injunctions of her family and her generation.

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♦ My legionnaire **

by Rachel Lang

French film, 1 h 47

Far from the phantasmagoria around the legionnaire and his scent of hot sand, this film explores with realism the consequences for couples and families of their missions in the field of operations.

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♦ The Kiosk **

by Alexandra Pianelli

Documentary, 1 h 16

Alexandra Pianelli stages the life of the family newsstand, doomed to disappearance, in a documentary full of humanity and fantasy filmed on a smartphone.

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Die can wait *

by Cary Joji Fukunaga

American movie, 2:43 a.m.

Last participation of actor Daniel Craig in the role of the most famous spy of his majesty, the new episode of the James Bond saga, eagerly awaited by the public and operators, unfortunately suffers from length and languor.

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♦ Fatima *

by Marco Pontecorvo

American-Portuguese film, 1 h 53

In a Portugal faced with anticlericalism, while Europe is ravaged by the First World War, three children say they receive a visit from a “beautiful lady” who invites them to pray for peace.

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