Covid-19: how the health crisis has changed our consumption habits

January 17, 2021 by No Comments

The curfew and confinements have changed the habits of the French. For example, the French population buys 2% more organic products than in 2019. Consumers have also responded to the call from traders to consume locally: 39% of them bought local products, i.e. 18% more than last year.

Textile purchases are down and the sale of bicycles is up 117% between May and June 2020. A scramble for computer equipment, the price of which has increased by an average of 23%, has also been noted. The French also do their shopping differently, as evidenced by the jump in shopping via drives, by 50% over the year. More free time also means more leisure: 42% of athletes have participated in online sports classes, and 24% of respondents say they have read more books. But the consumption of tranquilizers and sleeping pills also jumped 8% during the second confinement.

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