“Court of security” and praise to Ménard: number 2 of LR cropped by Jacob

May 31, 2021 by No Comments

LR still a little more fractured. Republican leader Christian Jacob called to order on Sunday evening “The management team” of the party after strong remarks by number 2 Guillaume Peltier on justice and a possible rapprochement with the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard, close to the National Rally of Marine Le Pen.

After demonization, trivialization: how Marine Le Pen approaches power

“Now is not the time to take personal positions that harm everyone, but to mobilize behind our candidates, reacted in the evening Christian Jacob. As LR leads the polls, I invite the management team to be in full support behind our lists. The only priority: to play together. “


Guest on RTL on Sunday, Guillaume Peltier reiterated his opposition to “Republican front” and, in terms of terrorism, he asked “The reestablishment of the Security Court” who “On a case-by-case basis could place in security detention”, all without appeal. “If the Constitutional Council opposes it, we can propose that by referendum to the French people, to protect the French”, he added.

In the evening of Sunday, the LR deputy of Yonne Guillaume Larrivé had already quickly distanced himself from these remarks, stressing that “The possibility of appealing, in criminal matters, is neither an old age nor a fad of a wicked lax leftist, but a progress which there is no question of renouncing in a civilized state”.

“The loopholes (economic or legal …) offered on a personal basis by such and such responsible of the leadership obviously do not commit the party ”, added in a tweet Guillaume Larrivé, specialist in sovereign issues, and who had run for the presidency of LR in 2019.

“Same convictions” as Robert Ménard

In the same interview, the Republicans No.2 also confirmed wearing “The same convictions” that the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard, close to the RN, repeating not wanting “Neither of Marine Le Pen, nor of Emmanuel Macron” which he qualifies as “Gravedigger of France”.

“I think he’s a very good mayor”, told the LR to the RTL / Le Figaro / LCI Grand Jury. “We have the same convictions”, he added, believing that the mayor of Béziers is “An independent elected representative”. “Exchanging, discussing, working with Robert Ménard doesn’t bother me at all”, he assured. The mayor of Béziers reacted immediately to these comments on Twitter to “Salute the lucidity, courage and audacity of Guillaume Peltier! “.

Robert Ménard had already applauded the interview this week “Impactful and beneficial” granted by number 2 of LR to the conservative weekly “Valeurs contemporaine”, in which he had estimated that“In 2022, not a voice should be focused on Emmanuel Macron”.

On RTL, Guillaume Peltier however assured that he did not want “Neither Emmanuel Macron nor Marine Le Pen”, throwing “A strong call for the sacred union of all patriots and republicans […] including voters of the National Front who are not second-class citizens […] to put an end to the terrible adventure of macronism which is the gravedigger of France ”. “We are in a situation today of pre-civil war collapse”, he said, alluding to “Assaults” and to “Violence suffered by the police and the gendarmerie”.

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