Corona Varius: The effect of the disease lasts for months after infection

October 1, 2018 by No Comments

WashingtonAfter being infected with the corona virus, patients experience symptoms for several weeks and months, and it is difficult for experts to predict how long patients will feel fully healthy.
Patients who have minor symptoms of infection soon recover from the disease, but elderly and severely infected patients sometimes take three to four months to recover. The World Health Organization says that patients usually recover from two weeks to six weeks.

According to a US study, 20 percent of the patients with mild symptoms who were not hospitalized were those who had symptoms of the disease even at least two weeks after being infected. According to, 87 percent of the hospitalized patients had symptoms of infection, including fatigue and trouble breathing, even two months after becoming infected.

Dr. Khalilah Gates, an expert on lung disease in Chicago, said that many of his patients still have symptoms of the disease four months after becoming infected. He said that it is very difficult to tell when a patient will feel completely healthy.
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Jay Warke said, “You may have recovered from a serious illness, but you have not necessarily recovered completely.”


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