Constant increase in number of Corona liberators

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New Delhi. The rapid and appropriate treatment of corona virus infection has been steadily increasing the number of people getting rid of this disease and in the last 10 days more than 75-8000 patients have become healthy every day, while new cases are reduced Has come.

According to the data released on Tuesday by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in the last 24 hours, the health of 77,76,000 corona infected has improved, which has been released from various hospitals. So far 62,27,295 patients have beaten the corona in the country. In the same period, 55,342 people were confirmed to be infected with corona, with the figure of infection reaching 71,75,88,000.

During the last 24 hours, 7,06 infected have lost their lives and the number of people who have died from this disease has risen to 1,09,856. Active cases declined by 23,124 to 8,38,729 as new cases of corona infection decreased. At present, the percentage of active cases in the country is 11.69 and the rate of deportation is 86.78 percent, while the death rate has come down to 1.53 percent.

Maharashtra, the worst affected by the Corona epidemic, has reduced the number of active cases during the last 24 hours by 8732 to 2,12,9905 while the death toll has gone up to 40,514 with 165 deaths. During this period, 15,656 people became infection free, which increased the number of healthy people to 12,81,896.

In the southern state of Karnataka, the number of patients decreased by 4494 during the last 24 hours and now there are 1,15,795 active cases. The death toll in the state has reached 10,036 and 5,92,084 people have recovered so far. In Andhra Pradesh, the number of active cases dropped to 43,983 with a decrease of 2312 patients. So far 6256 people have died in the state. A total of 7,08,712 people have been infected.

Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state by population, has reduced 1204 patients during this period leading to 38,815 active cases and 6438 deaths due to the epidemic while 3,93,9908 patients have been cured. The number of active cases in Tamil Nadu has increased to 43,747 and 10,314 people have died. At the same time, 6,7,202 people have been infection free in the state.
The number of active cases in Kerala has gone up to 94,473 and 1025 people have died while the number of healthy people has increased to 1,99,634. In Odisha, the number of active cases has gone up to 23,440 and 1904 people have died while the number of disease-free people has gone up to 2,330,192.

In the capital Delhi, this number has increased to 20,535 with 1166 cases reduced during this period. At the same time, the number of people who died due to infection has gone up to 58,09 and so far 2,84,844 patients have been freed. There are 24,208 active cases of corona in Telangana and 1233 people have died while 1,89,351 people have recovered from the epidemic. There are 3,06,04 active cases of corona virus in West Bengal and 5682 people have died, while 2,62,110 people have recovered so far.

In Punjab, the number of active cases has increased to 8576 and the number of people who have got infection has increased to 1,12,099 whereas 386 people have died so far. The number of active cases in Madhya Pradesh is 14,932 and 1,330,721 patients have recovered while 2645 people have died of the disease. There are 15,414 active cases in Gujarat and 3574 people have died and 1,33,615 people have also recovered from this disease. There are 10,669 active cases in Bihar. 955 people have died in the state while 1,85,911 people have also been infected.

So far from the corona epidemic 1665 in Rajasthan, 1592 in Haryana, 1333 in Jammu and Kashmir, 1286 in Chhattisgarh, 826 in Assam, 798 in Jharkhand, 762 in Uttarakhand, 565 in Puducherry, 511 in Goa, 317 in Tripura, Himachal Pradesh 251, 192 in Chandigarh, 93 in Manipur, 64 in Ladakh, 64 in Meghalaya, 57 in Sikkim, 55 in Andaman and Nicobar DBIP group, 24 in Arunachal Pradesh, 18 in Nagaland and two in Dadar-Nagar Haveli and Daman-Diu. Death has occurred. (Agency)


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