Beauty Tips: Jahnavi Kapoor looks naturally beautiful by adopting these beauty tips of her mother Sridevi, if you also want such a glow on the face, then follow these remedies

March 8, 2021 by No Comments

Internet desk. Jahnavi Kapoor is making her strides in Bollywood. On one hand, while her acting is praised, on the other hand, her beauty also attracts attention. For Jahnavi and her sister Khushi, the learning taught by their mother Sridevi is acting as a guide. Sridevi taught her daughters not to ignore real life and true beauty.

Sridevi’s daughters are still following her education. He has made self-care tips a part of his life. Jahnavi and her sister follow the mother’s beauty tips completely. The beauty and skin care tips given by the mother still follow Jahnavi completely.

Sleep early
Jahnavi told in a recent interview that from the beginning, Mom made us habit of sleeping on time and not waking up till late in the night. Both of our sisters follow this rule even today.

Skin care
Jahnavi keeps trying to keep her skin hydrated. That is, do not let there be a shortage of water in it. She constantly drinks water, coconut water and juice. Eats salad and fruits.

Clean make up before bedtime

Jahnavi cleans make-up thoroughly before sleeping at night. After this, Jahnavi likes to apply almond oil and vitamin-C serum on her skin. Almond oil and vitamin-C keep the skin young and tight so that there are no wrinkles or fine lines on the face.

Must apply sunscreen in the morning

Keep in mind that if you apply vitamin-C on your skin at night to remove old age marks from the face, then you have to apply sunscreen on your skin in the morning. So that ultra violet range is not affected by your skin.

Also do fruit massage

Jahnavi also likes to keep her skin care routine simple like her mother. Jahnavi says who says that fruits are just for breakfast. We even apply them on our face. Explain that by applying fruits on the face, the skin remains natural glow at all times.


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