At the Caesar, new general assembly, but old practices

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Accusations, betrayals, power games: there is definitely enough in the Caesar file to make a television series. Small reminder of the facts for who would have missed the first episodes. Last February, the management of the Academy of Cinema, criticized for its opacity, its lack of diversity and parity, collectively resigned and began a reform. A renovation whose urgency was underlined by the Caesar ceremony, marred by the controversy over the award for best achievement given to Roman Polanski, targeted by several accusations of rape.

→ ANALYSIS. The Caesar Academy begins its reform

The second season of the Caesar overhaul began Monday, September 14 with the announcement of the composition of the new general assembly of the cinema academy, one of the novelties of the reform adopted in July and a pledge of democratization. An intermediary body between the 4,313 members of the Academy and the Association for the Promotion of Cinema (APC), which governs the Academy and organizes the traditional César ceremony, this assembly was to be joint and made up of candidates from the Academy by its members.

However, 18 of the 182 representatives were admitted automatically after having made the request, as “historical members” of the APC. Among them, Roman Polanski and producer Thomas Langmann, sentenced in 2019 for harassment towards his wife. Alain Terzian, outgoing president of the APC criticized for his management of the Academy, is also part of it, as well as the producer Alain Rocca, who nevertheless declared to The cross last July that this electoral process was ” the real difference between the old and the new world! “.

The democratic way claimed

Producer Nicolas Schmerkin, also a historic member of the APC since winning an Oscar for the animated short Logorama, said to himself “ disgusted By this way of doing things. ” In July, I received an email offering to be admitted automatically to the new general assembly, but I declined and resigned, he tells The cross. We had indeed agreed orally to resign as a whole. It was also decided that those who wanted to return to the APC would do so democratically. Other colleagues had less scruples …

The day after the election, comedian Eric Métayer, elected to the new assembly, posted a video message on Twitter disapproving without naming the designation of certain members, and wishing that ” those who have nothing to do, go away “. Co-director with Andréa Bescond of Tickling, Caesarized film forcefully evoking the reconstruction of a child victim of sexual touching, he also demands that the members are now all elected.

“Separate the work from the person”

The current statutes were simply applied “, Producer Margaret Menegoz, interim president of the César, told AFP, recalling, about Roman Polanski, that in a personal capacity,” she always separated the work from the person “.

On September 29, the new assembly will elect for a two-year term, renewable once, the new board of directors of the César association respecting parity and representing all the branches of the Academy (production, production, etc. ). It will also elect a joint pair for the presidency.

The new CPA statutes provide that “ the Council of Aadministration has the faculty to pronounce the exclusion of a member of the association, for any serious reason, after formal notice remained unresolved, and after having, beforehand, requestedis the interested party to provide all explanations “. To be continued in the next episode…


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