At the Bernard Tapie trial: “I’m off, I don’t give a damn here!” “

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At the bar of the Court of Appeal, Bernard Tapie answers the personality questioning in a weak voice, as if hoarse and barely audible with the surgical mask which hides the lower part of his face. He, the inveterate boastful, has become almost voiceless. One of the consequences of his current treatment against stomach and esophageal cancer that he has been fighting for more than two years. In the spring of 2019, during the hearing in first instance, he had indicated during this same questioning to exercise the profession of actor to the question on his professional situation. This time, he replies to President Sophie Clément not ” do nothing at all “. ” I can’t be an actor anymore, I lost my voice », He explains.

Bernard Tapie, checkmate?

A few moments later, we understand that the former businessman, aged 77, has not lost everything, however. The trial has not started for more than ten minutes that he already grants the assistance of one of his strokes of blood which he is accustomed to. The magistrate has just cut him off in his remarks to indicate to him that there is no question that this appeal trial reverts to the dispute that opposed him to Crédit Lyonnais about the sale of Adidas, yet originally of his long fight against the bank. Dark suit, white shirt, blue tie, Bernard Tapie immediately leaves in a black anger. ” I’m leaving, he storms in his broken voice. Comedy has been going on for fifteen years. I leave, I have nothing to give a fuck here! “.

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