At the BAC Nord trial in Marseille: “You cast doubt on the police, it’s the worst of things”

April 20, 2021 by No Comments

The situation is unusual. Not to say delicate. Since the start of the hearings, André Ribes, deputy public prosecutor of Marseille, has repeated it several times. Here he is, a magistrate, supposed to work in all confidence with the police, forced to question the word, the probity, and the conduct of 18 former police officers assigned to the BAC North of Marseille, prosecuted in particular for thefts cigarettes and narcotics.

This Monday, April 19, day of requisitions, he repeats it: “By nature, we have to believe you. This is why the requisitions are complicated. “ After a week of hearing, punctuated by harsh interrogations but never tense or violent, he leaves them little hope. Some have recognized a “blast of lead” (like this theft of 540 euros in the pocket of a dealer), non-compliance with procedures; others have totally denied the abuses. But none is innocent in his eyes. “I tried to understand, to find excuses for you”, he says to the defendants, 4 of whom are absent at the start of the week because they tested positive for Covid 19. And to continue:

“I have answers, I have hypotheses. But I have nothing to ask for relaxation ”

“An image that is not glorifying”

It will therefore be sentences, for all, ranging from 1 year to 30 months in prison, sentences always accompanied by suspended sentences. If these requisitions are followed, none of the former police officers of the North BAC will go to prison, because the penalties demanded

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