Astro Gyan: 8 famous temples of Hanuman ji, must visit for peace of soul

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Bajrangbali is a Hindu deity who is highly revered. Bajrangbali is called immortal. Hanuman ji is believed to have bestowed his blessings on the one who worshiped Bajrangbali completely. There are many temples of Bajrangbali in India. Some of them are temples with a strong reputation. Devotees from all over the country and abroad come to see the temples of Bajrangbali. Please tell us where are these temples located.

8 popular temples of Hanuman ji:-

Jakhu Temple, Himachal Pradesh:-

Situated at an altitude of about 8100 feet, Jakhu Temple is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Bajrangbali. Along with this, there is a 108 feet high grand statue of Bajrangbali.

Balaji Hanuman Temple in Mehandipur:-

This very famous temple of Bajrangbali is located in Mehandipur of Dausa district of Rajasthan. Mehandipur Balaji Temple is very popular among the people. People from far and wide come here to have darshan of Balaji Maharaj. This temple is known to remove ghosts and obstacles.

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir, Varanasi:-

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, situated on the banks of the river Assi in Varanasi, is considered to be the holiest Hanuman temple in India. Every year devotees in large numbers come to this popular temple to visit Bajrangbali.

Shri Hanuman Mandir, Jamnagar:-

Shri Bala Hanuman Mandir in Jamnagar is another famous temple dedicated to Bajrangbali. Apart from this miraculous temple, there are many other ancient temples in Jamnagar such as the Jain Temple of Marble and the Siddhanath Mahadev Temple.

Hanuman Mandir, Connaught Place Delhi:-

Connaught Place Ancient Hanuman Temple in Delhi is an ancient temple dedicated to Bal Bajrangbali from the Mahabharata period. Hanuman ji presented here is self-proclaimed.

Kastabhanjan Hanuman Temple, Sarangpur:-

Shri Hanuman Temple at Sarangpur is dedicated to Bajrangbali in the form of a Kastabhanjan. The temple is one of the most prominent temples in India and is situated on a low hill.

Hanuman Dhara Temple, Chitrakoot:-

Hanuman Dhara Temple in Chitrakoot is situated on a rock several hundred feet above a steep hill. There is a grand idol in Bajrang Bali Hanuman Dhara. Water falls from a spring in the pond in front of this idol. This water flows touching Bajrangbali. That’s why it is called Hanuman Dhara.

Hanumangarhi Temple, Ayodhya; ,

Hanumangarhi Temple in Ayodhya is the most popular temple of Bajrangbali in North India. Ayodhya is the land of Ram. Hanumangarhi temple in Ayodhya is situated on the right bank of river Saryu on top of a high hill. The Hanuman idol installed here is only 6 inches tall, which is always adorned with garlands.


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