Apollo group ready to manage Corona vaccine

June 4, 2017 by No Comments

New Delhi. To help the central government in the fight against Kovid-19, the Apollo Hospitals Group has announced to be fully prepared for the management of 1 million Kovid-19 vaccines every day and in this task, it has spread all over the country Will use the network.

The Apollo Hospitals Group’s network consists of 19 drug supply centers equipped with cold chain facilities, 7 hospitals, more than 400 clinics, 500 corporate health centers, 4000 pharmacy and Apollo 24/7 omni-channel digital platforms, with the Kovid-19 vaccine Massive management capacity will be available. For this, more than 100,000 Apollo employees are being given vaccination related training and they will be posted at Apollo Centers to manage the vaccine.

Shobhana Kamineni, executive head of the Apollo Group, said, “The whole country is waiting for the vaccine to be discovered as soon as possible on this infectious disease, but we may face another challenge once the vaccine arrives.” It would be a challenge in itself to get the vaccine as quickly and safely to every person out of the country’s 1.3 billion population.

He said that we are very happy to say that the work of strengthening our cold chain for supply of vaccine is being done rapidly in Apollo Hospitals group, capable of vaccination while adhering to the best safety standards. And Apollo is preparing all its facilities for faster management, we hope that we will be able to manage up to 1 million dosages every day. Apollo has so far performed corona tests of over 25,000 people and treated over 75,000 patients. We will be happy to help all governments, government agencies and health services to get the maximum number of people in the country as soon as possible and safely.

It is worth noting that recently, Member (Health) of the NITI Aayog, Dr. VK Paul had said that after the vaccine is made, care should also be taken to store it safely and after that ensure its supply to the target groups To be done. Technology will play an important role in delivering the vaccine to all citizens and managing vaccination. Apollo Hospitals Group is one of the healthcare suppliers to start work with National Digital Health Mission (National Digital Health Mission). (Agency)


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