“All the beauty and the bloodshed”, “The Chamber of Wonders”… The cinema releases of March 15

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♦ All the beauty and the bloodshed ***

by Laura Poitras

American documentary, 1:57

Golden Lion in Venice, this admirably constructed documentary combines artist Nan Goldin’s fight against the Sackler family, responsible for the opiate crisis in the United States, with the sensitive portrait of this artist from the margins. Laura Poitras, director of Citizenfour on Edward Snowden, thus pursues a committed work on America.

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The Chamber of Wonders **

by Lisa Azuelos

French film, 1 h 37

Adapted from Julien Sandrel’s bestseller, this joyful and serious fable by Lisa Azuelos shows the adventures of a mother who sets out to fulfill the dreams of her son plunged into a coma. To see for Alexandra Lamy, just terrific. This film with an elegant image nicely avoids the pitfall of falling in all white or all black.

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Wise man **

by Jennifer Devoldere

French film, 1 h 40

Jennifer Devoldere’s comedy focuses on the difficult integration of a student into midwifery training, an ultra-feminized profession, where less than 5% of the workforce is male. If the story unfolds without great surprise, the accuracy of the painting and the impeccable interpretations of Melvin Boomer and Karin Viard hit the mark.

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♦ Houria**

by Mounia Meddour

Franco-Algerian film, 1 h 47

After Papicha, which evoked the Algerian “black decade”, Mounia Meddour and its main actress, Lyna Khoudri – once again exceptional – are back with an intense and virtuoso drama about a dancer who tries to rebuild herself in an Algeria with poorly healed wounds.

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♦ Emily **

by Frances O’Connor

British film, 2:10

First film by Frances O’Connor, Emily, a feverish portrait and very free evocation of the short life of the fiercest of the Brontë sisters, skilfully avoids the trap of the biopic and offers a golden first role to Emma Mackey, dazzling with her naturalness.

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