8 runs in the fifth “horse racing” party during the summer season in Taif

June 18, 2021 by No Comments

The Horse Racing Club in King Khalid Square in Taif held its fifth race event in its third week. The ceremony included eight races of multiple distances and degrees, the results of which were as follows:

The first half: The horse is a lot for the owner Youssef Al-Tarif, trained by Hani Al-Mousa, and the leadership of the imagination, Adel Al-Faridi.

– The second half of the horse: a file for the owner Abdul Karim Al Mansour, trained by Abdullah Munif, and the leadership of the imagination, Camilio Osupina.

– The third round: the victory of the horse loyal to His Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, the training of Saud bin Saad and the leadership of the horse Aseel Al Sarhani.

Fourth round: The horse, I am the intended owner, Sultan Al-Ghannam, trained by Mamdouh Al-Ali, and the leadership of the horse Abdullah Al-Rashed.

– The fifth race of the purebred Arabian horses: Fahd Al-Khalidiya, the third horse of the Khaldiya Stables, trained by Saad Al-Qahtani and led by Adel Al-Faridi.

The sixth round: (dedicated to mares) won by the mare, Sunset Flash, for the stable of the thankful people, the training of Salman Al-Mandeel, and the leadership of the imagination, Muhammad Al-Habib.

– The seventh round: Al-Tawhidi horse of the owner Sultan Al-Mutairi, trained by Fahad Al-Fuhaid, and the leadership of the imagination is Amin Badron

The eighth half: The horse, Tafakid Allah, won by the owner, Tariq Al-Duqailan, trained by Bassam Al-Mousa, and led by the imagination, Rayan Al-Tuwarish.

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