46,790 new cases of Kovid-19 found in India, daily cases less than 50,000 after about three months

February 22, 2020 by No Comments

New Delhi. After three months in India, new daily cases of Kovid-19 came down to less than 5,000. New daily cases of corona virus infection have reduced to 46,780. With these new cases, there are now 75,97,063 total cases of infection in the country. According to the data updated by the Union Health Ministry at eight o’clock on Tuesday morning, a total of 46,780 new cases were reported in one day, while 587 more deaths due to the disease in the last 24 hours have caused the country to die. The number increased to 1,15,197. Earlier, less than 5,000 new cases of Kovid-19 had come in the country on 28 July, the day 47,730 new cases were reported.

The number of deaths in one day from Kovid-19 across the country remained less than 600 on the second consecutive day. The number of people recovering from Corona virus infection in the country crossed 67 lakh, while the number of under-treated patients remained below eight lakh for the fourth consecutive day. According to the data, the number of under-treated patients in the country is 7,48,538, which is 9.85 percent of the total cases. A total of 67,33,328 people have been cured of the disease in the country so far, leading to a national recovery rate of 88.63 percent, while the death rate is 1.52 percent.

In India, cases of Kovid-19 crossed 20 lakh on 7 August, 3 million on 23 August and 40 lakh on 5 September, 5 million on 16 September, 6 million on 28 September and 7 million on 11 October. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), a total of 9,61,16,771 samples have been tested across the country till 19 October. On Monday, 10,32,795 samples were tested.

Of the 579 new deaths in the country, 125 have been reported in Maharashtra, 64 in Karnataka, 63 in West Bengal, 56 in Chhattisgarh, 49 in Tamil Nadu and 31 in Delhi. There have been a total of 1,15,197 deaths due to this epidemic in the country, of which 42,240 in Maharashtra, 10,691 in Tamil Nadu, 1,0,542 in Karnataka, 6,685 in Uttar Pradesh, 6,453 in Andhra Pradesh, 6,119 in West Bengal, Delhi. There were 6,404 deaths in Punjab, 4,029 in Punjab and 3,643 in Gujarat. The Health Ministry said that more than 70 percent of the deaths were due to other diseases in patients. The ministry said on its website, our data is being matched with ICMR data. (Agency)


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